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When you support World Animal Protection, you ensure that our mission is carried out in the following key areas:

Transforming the Global Food System

Nearly every stage of a farm animals life is one of suffering, stress and fear. Our vision is a world where respect for animals and nature sits at the heart of our food system, which is equitable, sustainable, resilient and capable of feeding the world. We believe there is no future for factory farming. ​​​​We will move millions of people to join a food revolution by raising awareness of the catastrophic impacts of factory farming on animals, the environment, and human health. We will also reveal the global investment and government policies that perpetuate factory farms, and champion fairer finance investment.

Animals in the Wild

We work around the globe to protect and keep wild animals where they belong – in the wild. Wild animals and their habitats are treated as commodities and ruthlessly exploited on an industrial scale. They are subjected to cruelty and abuse for entertainment, medicine, pets, fashion and more. Their natural habitats are in catastrophic decline, due to human exploitation and climate change. We are transforming the systems that fuel exploitation by exposing the harm, working with partners to research and promote the development of alternative wildlife-friendly products and experiences, and mobilizing support to influence governments to enact wildlife policies that permanently protect wildlife.

Animal Interventions

For over 70 years, World Animal Protection has moved fast to rescue and protect animals affected by disasters and other cruelty. Our legacy continues today as we support our partner organizations and sanctuaries around the world in their care for rescued animals. Our Disaster Response Fund provides critical aid to animals in the hours and weeks following a disaster event. We also join forces with organizations and sanctuaries to create a global network of partners, who can care for and provide a second chance to animals rescued from the most dire situations. One by one, we are making a difference in the lives of animals.

Moving the World

The scale of the challenge is immense, only by working together can we create long-lasting change. People power is at the heart of what we do and is vital to the success of our mission. We are mobilizing millions to become advocates by empowering them to champion animal protection. Together, we are demonstrating how the lives of animals, people and the planet share a deep interconnection, so that more people realize that how we treat animals affects us all.

Spotlight on: Stopping Deforestation in the Amazon

Xamã, is just one of the many wild animal victims of deforestation and land clearing in the Amazon region. Fires that are intentionally set by agribusiness companies are having a catastrophic impact on natural habitats and wild animals who call the region home. The unchecked demand for global meat consumption and its land clearing model, is what we are fighting to end in this region. The industry is tearing down precious forests in order to feed cattle.

Learn more about Xamã here! 


“The past year has brought new challenges for animals, but it has also been a year of progress and key successes that would not have been possible without you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your compassion, for taking action to protect animals, and for believing in us.”

—Lindsay Oliver, US Country Director

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