We’ll end animal cruelty and suffering, together.

Our vision is a world where animals live free from cruelty and suffering. Our mission is to move the world to protect animals.

Without you, a mother pig remains trapped behind metal bars, a bear is poked with needles for his gallbladder, and an elephant is forced to give back-breaking rides every day. Without you, animals continue to suffer in silence and none of the life-saving work we do at World Animal Protection is possible. We created this website to help you follow the impact you are having for animals around the world and to help learn more about how to partner with us to make a lasting difference.

How You Support Our Work

Transforming the Global Food System

By transforming the global food system, we can ensure that farm animals live good lives – one free from cruelty and exploitation.

Animals in the Wild

Wild animals have a right to a wild life, free from any form of exploitation and free to thrive in abundant natural habitats.

Animal Interventions

Our legacy of rescue and response continues today as we support a network of partner sanctuaries caring for rescued animals.

Moving the World

We are moving people, lawmakers, governments and businesses to see the deep interconnection between animals, people and the planet.

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